Integration For Mailwizz

Hello, I’m not sure how many people may use Mailwizz but it is a great self hosted Email newsletter service.
Are there any integrations out there by chance?

@OpenSourceMarketing Welcome to the community. Have you tried it with the HTTP node yet?

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Hey @patrick, I haven’t yet. I will give that a shot for sure though. I appreciate it.

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Thanks a lot @patrick!

@OpenSourceMarketing agree with @patrick is always a good idea to temporarily start with the HTTP Request Node until we have time to create the proper integration.

Could you please also share which functionality you would need? Thanks!

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@OpenSourceMarketing Let me now how it goes.
@jan No problem!

Will do, I appreciate it guys.

I’m actually switching to a different email newsletter application which should make it a lot easier.
Stoked to use though, it will be a big help.

I have an eco-system of websites that I’ll be looking to integrate into an email newsletter system list as users/leads join etc. I love that there is already a Shopify Node that will be a big help for sure.

I’ll be using this application as opposed to MailWizz now actually:
I will be using their SaaS version allowing users to sign up and use.

I did have a question for you Jan. I’d love to eventually build a Shopify app for my Newsletter app (OpenMarketNewsletters .com) that would allow users to download the app and it would automatically sync their store to Newsletters and they could set up automations/segments etc from within their Shopify dashboard.

Mailchimp used to have one but eventually got kicked off the Shopify App store for not sharing data back to Shopify apparently.
I wouldn’t mind sharing the data back though, so with that being said would I be able to utilize to be the ‘middleware’ between their shopify store and their newsletters account? I may be able to do it with their API’s I’m unsure though, I am not a developer unfortunately.

I also sent an email to [email protected] .io with a monetization idea I’d love your thoughts on.