Integration for VERO [GOT CREATED]

It’d be great to have a VERO Integration.

This solution is an event-based mailing system, and we use it farely often.

Hey @Libermentix could you explain a little bit the use case you are interested in?

Yes sure,

in essence has two endpoints that we currently use with an HTTP endpoint.

you can tag and add users with

a user requires an id, and optionally an email attribute. It can contain any number of key-value attributes in the data attribute, which can be used for segmentation.


you can add events:
For events an event_name and the identiy is required, an arbitrary data attribute can contain any number of key-value pairs.

We use Vero to trigger campaigns and or transactional mails. While we currently use it as an HTTP-Post, I believe it would be more accessible for all of our users to have it as a dedicated integration (which also enables sharing the API-Key the n8n way).

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@Libermentix Just finished this node. @jan would let you know here when is released.

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you are amazing @RicardoE105 thanks!

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Got released with [email protected]

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