Integration store $$$

It seems that is a lot of demand from users for various types of integrations, derivatives of existing integrations, new features, etc.

It may be worth thinking about creating a licensing and royalty framework so that the wider audience can create commercial integrations, and support their own customers. You just provide the framework. Kind if like the apple store and OS model.

Yes, I also thought shortly about something like that but there are very many problems.

Here are a few examples:

  • It would take considerable resources to create and operate something like that. Resources we currently do not have.
  • We have a project that everybody can currently run for free and we want to keep it that way. If suddenly most integrations would get charged for that would not be the case anymore.
  • We want to keep the quality of the integrations high and we want to make sure that they all work in a similar fashion. That is why we invest currently a lot of time in reviewing and improving community contributions.
  • We would constantly anger these developers because the chance is very high that nodes they would create and charge for we would at some point create ourselves and offer for free. The alternative would be, what we would not create any free nodes if a paid one already exists but that would be horrible for n8n in general. Let’s imagine that the Pipedrive node would not exist yet, somebody would charge for it and we would then never be able to create it.

For that and many more reasons do I currently think that it would do much more harm than good.


Thanks for your insight on this topic.