Interactive message button is not working

So I’m using slack and N8N
I have a perfect working shortcut in slack that starts my workflow
The issue is that my workflow doesn’t start at all from the buttons being sent in messages (interactive messages)
and I added the webhook link correctly in slack and it’s working on other features like shortcuts and commands
any help, suggestions or tutorials to ensure that interactive messages is working,
Thanks alot

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Hey @Mohamed_Reda,

I don’t have an example for interactive messages with Slack yet but it is on my list. Have you checked your interactive messages endpoint workflow to see if there is anything odd happening there? I took a quick look last week and it looks like interactive messages use a different URL to slash commands. I am not sure if menu shortcuts use the same URL though.

well the link for interactive components is set correctly but I can’t tell what’s going on yet,
please if you have the component on slack itself that works with n8n webhook that would be great,
Thanks for your help already

Hey @Mohamed_Reda,

Did you check what is being sent to your workflow that controls the link?

thanks for your concerns, I resolved the issue,
simply I had been send the buttons as normal messages, turns out that to get interactive buttons that do some action you should use the chat.send api from their docs
when I used that it worked like charm