Internal REST endpoint `/credentials/test` is gone


I’ve recently noticed that since n8n version 0.166.0 the REST endpoint /credentials/test was removed from the Server.ts.

My questions here:

  1. Was this an intentional change?
  2. If so, what are the plans and is there an alternative way to test credentials through API calls?

I understand it’s an internal API and breaking changes are expected, but any support is welcome :slight_smile:

Thank you!

  • Paolo Rechia
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Hi @Paolo_Rechia, tbh, I didn’t even know this endpoint existed. We’re working on an official REST API though, so you might want to raise a feature request explaining your exact use case to make sure your voice gets heard in that regards.

As for the reason, I very much assume this was related to the introduction of user management, but let’s see if anyone has more details to share on this.

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This was addressed in this feature request, I guess it can be marked as solved now :slight_smile: