Invalid JSON in HTTP Request

Hello everyone,

I’ve been really enjoying n8n and have undertaken integrating some of my applications.
However, I have recently struggled with creating tickets from a monitoring system alarm with the HTTP Request node.

The service desk application expects the following format for creating tickets:

  "title": "Help me!",
  "group": "Users",
  "customer": "email_of_existing_c[email protected]",
  "article": {
    "subject": "some subject",
    "body": "some message",
    "type": "note",
    "internal": false
  "note": "some note",

What I’m trying to do is use the alarm message as an article body. Here’s an example of the alarm message

"message": "Ping latency Overview ----------------------------- --Error: All pings to the given host have failed! Failed pings: 15:58:52:TimedOut 15:58:47:TimedOut 15:58:42:TimedOut 15:58:37:TimedOut 15:58:32:TimedOut 15:58:27:TimedOut Tracing route -------------------------------- -Info: Hop Nr 0: [HV]: 0%. Latency: 0ms (Threshold: 200ms) "

I’ve used the “JSON/RAW Parameters” option in the HTTP Request node because of the “article” array and constructed my body accordingly. This works when entering some sample value. However, when I try using the value of “message” for the article body n8n doesn’t accept it as valid JSON and throws an error.

Is there some way I can prepare the message to be used by the HTTP Request node?

Best Regards

Welcome to the community @SupersonicWaffle!

Great to hear that you enjoy n8n!

Here an example workflow which shows you how you can do what you want to do:

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Thank you so much, this work beautifully :slight_smile:

Even requesting the message as HTML to get proper formatting in the ticket system works.

You are welcome. That is great to hear that it now works fine.

Have fun!