Invoice Ninja node – add multiple invoice items from JSON array

First off, a big thank you for the great and very powerful product!

I have multiple arrays containing a different number of objects that I need to send to Invoice Ninja for invoice creation. One time, the array contains a single “Invoicing Position”, other times there are up to 10.

I know there is a way to add more invoicing positions via the GUI, however that’s probably not an option in this case as the number of invoice items varies every time.
Snímek obrazovky 2021-08-06 v 9.53.47

Is there a way to add an invoice item for each object from the array?


Hey @rblazek,

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I took a look at the node, and it seems like it is currently not possible to do this via the node. However, you can use the HTTP Request node instead of the Invoice Ninja node.

Can you create a Feature Request sharing your use case? Don’t forget to upvote the request :slight_smile:

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