Is a wildcard webhook possible?

I would like to create a firewall for one of my apis.

The API I am using is too strong, has too much potential for damage to expose on a Wordpress backend. So I would like to make a “firewall” by registering a webhook with a url of. “{{regex(.*)}}” so any time we hit that end point this webhook is triggered. Then my goal is to filter the incoming requests look for evidence of abuse/misuse and the forward the real api.

Like a Man-in-the-middle

Is it possible?

Looks like a few other people are interested

Hi @roofboard, there is some flexibility about the path, as long as you can live with the webhook ID being part of your path. So, if you can live with something like https://your.n8n.domain/webhook/$uuid/* that would work:

In this example I called, and foo is recognized as a path parameter (and of course be changed as needed in the URL).


hmmm it kindof worked but the second I added another slash I broke it!

does not seem to work… but I found something that did .

that kind of works. But now the issue is that I cannot listen for a post and a get on the same endpoint any ideas?

You could simply add two webhook nodes, one for GET and one for POST. As long as you make sure they use the same path, this should work.

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