Is it a bug or a feature? 2 Mails from cronjob with on email node

Hi, funny problem. I have this workflow:

I get ever 2 Emails from it, when its scheduled.
Shortly i format the email-output with table tags.
Now i get one email without this changes and one with correct change format.

I really not understand what happend. Especial when i run it manuall all looks good.

Is it a bug or a scheduling problem in any way?


Hey @Schebi,

That is odd I would expect that to produce one email as you have the “execute only once” option set, Do you have a screenshot of the execution history?

Hab ich schon… ich verstehe es nicht!
I have this options on. As i say, i dont understand it.


Output of the two mails.

Hint: i test also a change of the trigger from Cronjob * */2 * * to the status now. No change at all in the behaivor. THX

Hey @Schebi,

Can we get a screenshot of the actual execution so not the times but if you click on one that failed it will show the workflow and the items that is the bit that will help with working out where the flow is going wrong.

This was today. 20:00 Uhr 27.01.23

@Jon Did you mean this screenshot?

How are you running n8n? What database do you use? What n8n version are you running? All that is part of the question template which got deleted instead of answered. All that information is however important to help people, and why we ask it in the first place.

Is it for example possible that n8n is running twice? That can for example happen easily when a Docker setup is wrong.

Hi, i run it on your cloud session. No own installation.
That why i have not other possibilities to check this problem.

But in the end. Its completed unimportant for me. If your team has better things to do, feel free. Sometimes its difficult to find that problems. I just want to help, if its intressting for you too. You software is amazing and maybe in the future its possible i will also use it inside a commercial / company envirement. All the best and thanks 4 your support.

If i can help in any way, feel free to contact me.
Cheers Jan

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What i tested today. I deactivated the workflow at 15:54 and i get an email at 16:00. with the old format.
Thats is the indicate that there is a lost cron on the cloud platform. So thats why i get ever 2 mails. On the SaaS Cloud installation i have no further admin tasks so i cant fix this. Cheers Jan

Hey @Schebi,

Do you happen to have multiple cloud instances or maybe an old self hosted install running somewhere?

No. Just this one installation on the free account plan.

I get this old formatted email. Every 2 hours. Can the support see it on the cloud service and kill this cronjob there. I have no chances to do something therefor. THX

Hey @Schebi,

If you email the [email protected] with your cloud username we can check to see if anything is being logged for execution logs.

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