Is it OK or Possible to use SFTP Server for Self-Hosted n8n?


I have a SFTP server and I wonder if it is OK or possible to use n8n in a SFTP server? If not, which kind of server it should be used in? What is it called?

Thank you!

Hey @onurbolaca,

I am not sure I understand the question, in theory you can connect to any sftp server as long as n8n can talk to it.

There is currently a kex issue (kex not key) which needs to be resolved but other than that all should be good.

Are you seeing an issue.

Hey @Jon, thx guys for your nice answers.

So it’s not about make n8n talk to a sftp server, it’s about setup n8n in sftp server.

Basically my client gave me a sftp server and wants me to setup n8n application into that sftp server. Is this possible and OK? And if not, how can I tell him which kind of linux server I want?

Hey @onurbolaca,

I guess if the sftp server gives you ssh access as well and isn’t just locked to the sftp subsystem you should be good to go and can follow any of our install guides that fits what you or your client is after.

If you need help setting it up we do our expert partners and some of them do installs of n8n as well if needed.

No no I’m an experienced full stack cloud developer, I just ask to have a direct knowledge from you.

Thank you n8n team, you are the best I’ve ever seen so far as a SAAS community!

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