Is it possible to get data from email poll

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I want to make a app that will update google sheet when a response on email is made using a yes or no link. Is it possible to get the email and response in n8n when u click the yes or no link. I thought of using webhook, but the data cannot be passed through.

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Hey @KiiREI, could you elaborate a bit on the problem you are facing?

Webhook nodes should be able to react to a link click (which is just a GET request made by a browser). Let’s take this example:

Here, the Set node reads the answer query parameter (and the Respond to Webhook node uses the respective value). Now when visiting https://<my n8n url>/webhook/my-email-link?answer=Yes, n8n can read the Yes value just fine:

Same for any other value, of course:

So as long as you use the correct links in your email (including the answer parameter in this example), the data should reach n8n fine. Perhaps you can provide an example showing the problem you are facing?

thanks for the answer it helps alot. but is there a way to get the email of the person that is clicking the link into the url as well

Hi @KiiREI, only if you’d make the email address part of your link.

So when sending out your emails, you’d need to make sure the link would be something like https://<my n8n url>/webhook/my-email-link?answer=yes&[email protected]. In n8n you could then read the query parameter just like in the previous example: