Is it possible to get refresh token from generic OAuth2?

I have setup generic OAuth2 credentials to certain service and my client authorised it (logged with his login/pass in 3rd-party service). All work good. BUT. Now I need his credentials in different environment. I can get access token by using saved credentials calling my dev end point, but I need refresh token too. How can I get it from saved generic OAuth2 credentials?

Hey @Yuriy_Klyuch,

There isn’t an easy way to get the refresh token as it would be encrypted in the database, You could try using the CLI to export the credentials and then import them the same way on the other instance.

Thanks. As I understand it won’t work if original instance is in n8n cloud…

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Hey @Yuriy_Klyuch,

You got it buddy, So if either destination is cloud it would be better to just remake the credential.

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