Is it possible to get the current node's properties during execute()?

Is it possible to get the current node’s properties like its id, name of the credentials being used during execute()?

What do you mean with “execute()”?

In a normal node there’s an execute() function right where its argument is “this” with type IExecuteFunctions. I want to know the the node ID there.

Ah, you are talking about writing a node. I really have to create an own section for that…

In this case, you can find all the accessible functions here:

The parameters you can query with getNodeParameter.

Sadly do not understand what you mean with “node ID”. As nothing like that exists. If you mean with “node ID” the name of the node then you can query the node itself with getNode. The returned object will then have the property name.

This is what I need! Thank you so much!