Is it possible to increase the response time of a request?

I have a request in the database that takes longer than 15000 ms. And I would need to change the default time… because I can’t complete the request.

Would there be any way to change this default?

Sorry, but there is more context needed to answer.

Can you please provide some more information like for example: What do you mean you have a request in the database? What database? Are you making a request via an n8n node? Are you using directly an n8n database node or does it get proxied via something else and you then use the HTTP Request node or something similar?

I have a series of connectors that every 30 minutes make a request to my SQLserver database.

As it is a huge amount of data to be loaded, my bank’s response time often exceeds 15000ms and my workflow gives an error. I would like to know if it would be possible to increase the time…

In this case, can change the “Request Timeout” in the credentials to a higher value than 15000.

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