Is it possible to make my custom node a standard node of n8n?

Hi sirs, we are STONE Co the greatest Latim America software development company to B2B market, with more than 200.000 clients. I would like to know if is it possible to add our nodes to the standard set of n8n cloud nodes.
Thank you.

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Hi @mrctito,

We have a community node repository (more here: Community Code Contributions and Short-Term Roadmap ) which will be avilable soon that will allow all users of n8n to install custom nodes easily from the UI, I am not sure if it will be available to cloud users from day 1 but this should help.

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Thank you, Jon!
These are great news, but I mean something beyond this.
Let me explain further: I’m sorry if I’m being pretentious, but I’d like to know if it’s possible for the STONE/LINX NODE to be part of the standard distribution of N8N, visible to all users in Brazil.

Hey @mrctito,

That is a bit different but what some users have done is put in a pull request on Github to include a node they have been working on but at the moment there is a bit of a backlog on new nodes as they can take a lot of time to review, test and make sure they fit in with our overall goal.

So I guess the quick answer is it can happen but it will take time if it is a node that fits, It would also be available to all users not just users in Brazil. The best option if you wanted to be able to control the node and keep it updated without the review process is the community node repo approach but there is an extra step and it won’t look like it is an official node.

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Thank you for your kindly explanation, Jon.

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