Is it possible to send a JSON packet to a Websocket / Webhook using data recieved in N8N

I would like N8N to send a JSON packet to a Webhook / Websocket from information recieved in N8N from a Trigger

Hi @Deanr, welcome to the community :tada:

Webhooks and WebSockets are very different technologies. It is very unusual for WebSockets to be used for communication between unrelated apps, so I reckon you are looking for Webhooks here.

These are fundamentally just HTTP Requests, and as such you can use the HTTP Request node in n8n to send your webhook to a 3rd party system.

Here is how it could look in a workflow:

In this example I am taking random data from n8n and send it to another server using a typical webhook format (a POST request with a JSON body).

Hope this helps!

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