Is no need to host server?

Hi, I consider to use service.
I’m really fan of n8n service. But I’m not a developer.
So, When I found the fact that n8n which is free to use needs hosting server, I was frustrated…
because I don’t have any knowledge of server.
However I heard that provide the service. I saw the silver lining in the dark cloud.
Anyway I have some questions about n8n cloud service before I choose to use
If you help me decide, I will appreciate.

Just so you know,
What I want to make by using is a messaging work flow like below.
The user of my service answer my survey with google form or type form,
then answer data will save as google sheets row.
And then new row created. It trigger to send a message.(I maybe use polling)
(It is simple. And I almost made it. But server is my problem…)

My questions are like below.

  1. is no need to host a server? I mean I want to make my workflow operate 24hour regardless my PC status is on or off.

  2. I will use polling feature. When I use interval node, for example, set every minutes, If there is new data on google sheets it will trigger to send message, If there isn’t new data, it won’t trigger to send message.
    In this case, Does n8n count the number of every excution when checking existence of new data in every minutes? Or just it counts just the number of excution when new data is found and sending a message.
    (I refer to this article.

Thank you for reading this.

Hi @totally, welcome to the community :tada:

I’m happy to hear you like n8n so far :slight_smile:

As you’re aware, n8n itself can be self-hosted on your own server or run as a desktop application (which would, of course, only work while your PC is on and the application is running).

As for your questions:

  1. would mean that we host n8n for you on one of our servers, so you would not need to install or manage anything yourself and wouldn’t need to host your own server. n8n would be constantly running and all you need to access it would be a web browser of your choice.

  2. Polling is a bit tricky on as pricing is indeed based on each execution. An execution counts regardless of the number of steps in your workflow and regardless of whether it was successful or not. So even if your workflow wouldn’t do anything useful, it would still execute whenever the interval trigger node starts it and this would count towards your usage. A workflow running once per hour for a full month for example would consume 720 executions (30 days x 24 hours).

Hope this clarifies! Let me know if you have any further questions on

Thank you for your kindly answer @MutedJam !!
I’m really touched by your answer.
Nevertheless,well, the 2nd answer make me have a lot on my mind… :frowning:

I found you are under deveolping google sheets trigger.
(I found in this article. It is said by @harshil1712 in June 14th, 2021(Profile - harshil1712 - n8n)

  1. I wonder that the google sheets trigger didn’t complete being developed yet?
    I hope to find a new way to make my work flow haha…

If it is not developed yet,

  1. Could you suggest for me the way to make instant(almost instant is okay) service using google sheets without so many wasting excution count?
    Using polling every minutes in 1 month may charge me for 43200 execution.(It is quite wasting that I don’t know whether new data is or not. )

Thank you for reading and answering my questions.

Hey @totally,

Near real-time would be tricky if you were worried about the execution count with polling. Looking at the feature request the Google Sheets trigger was going to be done after the Google Calendar / Google Drive trigger so I would imagine it is not too far away.

As a temporary solution though you could use a Google App Script that runs on every insert / update to your sheet and calls an n8n webhook you can then pass the data in the webhook call as well.

Hey @Jon,
Thank you for your kind answer.
I considered GAS because of your solution. But there is limited amount of responses.

Then how about using typeform trigger instead of using google sheets.
Do they work for me in right way that what I think?

When the user submit type form, then instantly send a message.

Please answer me what you think…
Thank you for your help. Have a nice day!

Hey @totally,

Typeform (or similar) would do the job or something like Airtable if you wanted to get fancy.