Is the new "code" Node worse than the old function node?

firstly, many thanks for the amazing work all the contributors do!

What I like about the new block, is that I can run it from being in editing mode.

Howover, I see several disadvantages of new “Code” Node. Here are the reasons:

  • Major point: I liked the vscode look and feel within the function nodes. Please bring it back.
  • Codecompletion/intellisense doesnt seem to work as in the old one.
  • Optional Chaining is highlighted as syntax error - even though it is executing correctly.
  • syntax errors are not specified and therefore in most cases an underlined line of code doesnt help at all.
  • I’d love to have the old “full screen” code editing mode back (plus a little execute button at the top). Maybe with collapsible Input and Output Panes. the current design blocks so much valuable space at the top and the bottom of the editing window. I find it very helpful to see as many lines of code as possible.


There’s an ongoing, related thread:

Would be nice to have these points posted there as well.