Is there a way to join multiple executions in a JSON

I have a splintbatch node that loops the db and at the end I want to warn about slack.

for each execution of the loop I’m getting an alert in slack
but i only want one

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In the slack node, go to setting, and turn “Execute Once” to true.

Hey @leosantosx,

Alternatively, you can combine all the data and then execute the Slack node. Here’s an example workflow for your reference:

Hey @leosantosx,

Did the workflow I shared help? Let me know if you still need help :slight_smile:

@harshil1712 it helped me, as a universal method to colled data from all iterations. Thank you!

It has one issue: the data is returned as a single element which is an array [{allData: [...]}].

To work with it, I applied the Function node to get the array out of allData:

return items[0] => {
  return {
    json: item

Is there a way to tune your Function code to escape this issue?

That can now also be done without any code with the Item Lists Node.

I tried and managed to get rid of the second Function. Splitting items helps getting array out of the object.

But i’m puzzled how the Item Lists node hellps to combine executions into a single list. I can make it “see” only the last execution, incoming from the IF node.