Is there a way to make workflow nodes run in priority or in parallel?


I created workflow in which I have 4 external HTTP API request nodes. I want to run these 4 HTTP API calls to be executed in parallel and run further workflow based on API responses but what I am observing is even if its configured to be executed in parallel its running in sequence (one after other). I have configured HTTP API nodes as shown below.

Also I would like to know is there a way I can configure these nodes in a way that it can be executed based on priority configuration (like tasks/actions to be executed based on priority configuration)?

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Very sorry but nothing like that is currently possible. It did simply not get designed in that way. It always executes one node after another. That will hopefully change in the future but is currently not a priority.

If you want that nodes execute in a specific order, you would have to build the workflow to do that. So either simply having the nodes in the appropriate order on after another or if the same input-data is needed by adding Merge-Nodes in “pass-through” mode in front of them.


@jan any updates on parallelism? Is there any way we could maybe write up async / parallelized javascript code and have that work in n8n?


Guess not. I was trying to do something similar but no luck.
N8N team please parallel workflows are needed!


yes please, parallelism in n8n would be really nice, also on sub workflows.

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