Is there another way to get small issues sorted after a few months wait?

There is a known issue with Magento module.

The fix has been in the queue for a few months now - it keeps getting bumped for other bigger and more important things.

Is there perhaps a way to get stuff like this prioritised in some way?
Or does one just wait and hope?

Hey @Brett,

We have an internal prioritisation process that takes into account how popular the node is, how long it would take to fix, how many users are impacted and a couple of other things. Recently we have had some fairly urgent to fix which can result in other issues being moved down the list.

I take it the specific issue you are referring to is the Magento Store code issue which is still on my list to resolve but has a low priority score at the moment and may be the sort of thing I pop in between other issues.

Most of the time small issues are fixed fairly quickly, there are other options available though if you are handy with Typescript our code is available on GitHub and you can pop in a PR.


I understand - what is important to me is not important for other folk - I was thinking of moving my Magento automations from Integromat/Make, but I’ll just leave them there.

Sorry, no - I’ve never used Typescript or github. And don’t know what a PR is - I use no-code tools so I don’t have to learn how to code. :slight_smile:

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Everything is important it is just tricky to balance it, we have been hiring though which will free up a bit of my time for issues like this so the ones that slip shouldn’t slip in the future.

I really want to be at a stage where any issue that is reported with a node is fixed within 2 releases (typically 1 release a week so 2 weeks).

How are you currently running n8n is it on Cloud or self hosted with docker?

I am experimenting with both a cloud subscription as well as a self-hosted instance on

If I took the leap from Integromat I’d probably go cloud - I don’t want to have to look after the platform/hosting etc.

Hi there,

It ofcourse depends on your use and the costs of the workflows in other platforms. But for small issues it can often be worth it to hire a n8n partner for example to do the PR for you, if you do not have the expertise yourself.

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