Is there any sample exercise that can help me to explore or create an telegram workflow


I’m trying to explore the telegram workflow, first thing I want to try is how can I connect or send a message to telegram app using the telegram nodes in n8n.

Hey @rodskie123, this is explained in our documentation.

First, you’d need to obtain an API token as described here. You could then build the example workflow documented here.


I already have bot and API connectivity as well


But I encounter this issue… :frowning:


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Hey @rodskie123

Not to worry.

To assist further, I need a few more information:

  • How did you install n8n? [Docker, Cloud, Desktop, npm]
  • Do you have SSL installed properly?
  • Can you edit the environment variables(.env)?

If you can edit the environment variables make sure to add this line


Replace with the actual domain name of your n8n instance.

This is how it looks like in my env

Here is a Guide: Configuration - n8n Documentation


Hi @mcnaveen,

I use docker to install n8n on my test server (Virtualbox) with CentOS and I still don’t have SSL certificate.

May I know if I can still use telegram on n8n without SSL cert?

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Hi @rodskie123

In that case, You can use n8n with Tunnel for testing.

Please note that Tunnel URLs are not fixed, and may change anytime. This is for development and testing purposes only.

Here is why Tunnels should not be used in Production.

Here is a guide to setup the n8n tunnel

Hi @mcnaveen

Thank you for your inputs but I also planning to deploy it in my production once the telegram workflow works on my testing… may I know if do you have the list or requirements to make it work aside SSL?

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Well, All you need is the Bot Token & Tunnel for testing the telegram thing.

  • If you’re deploying it to production make sure the Host system has 2GB of RAM.
  • You don’t need tunnel in telegram