Is there any standard or documentation for creating a connector that accesses an API?

Good afternoon!

I have a problem creating my node. This node accesses an API where we search for a single item and several items, for example, I have an endpoint to access all my products (with search parameters, such as registration date and product type) and an endpoint that searches for a single product ( also with search parameters, such as the product identifier, registration date and product type).
The problem is when I need to search for 20 products, for example, I need to pass 20 “id’s”, and I put a loop of repetition to access each of these “id’s” and show it in my connector, but if I want to search for everything I need to access my API only once.
As shown in the image below

Inside this loop there are several “resource’s” like the product, so to avoid going through the same amount of times as the previous node, how could I be doing?

Hey @Gabriel_Takahashi,

In the n8n UI if go to the node settings there is an option to only run once that should tell it to only do one run of that main loop so you won’t need to change anything in your code.

Thank you very much, it worked here now.

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