Is there some sort of calendar of n8n events?

Is there some sort of calendar of n8n events? To talk, share, learn together? I’m getting into this, and sometimes getting stuck at simple things. I think once I join some n8n events, I start to get the hang of it more by seeing other people doing things in it :grin:

Hi @Ronald_leap8

Welcome to the community

There is community meetups once in a while. But it is mostly some presentations and not really focussed on learning together.

There might be some other meetups that do this, but I have never seen it come by.

Being active on the community forum will help you a lot though. Simply ask your questions here. and if someone else has a question try and help them out with the knowledge you already have or look at the answers given by others. You can learn a lot by doing that.
Even experienced users will find new ways of doing things like this. :wink:

There is also communities for specific countries/languages, that might do something more like a meetup for something like this. But not sure about all the communities.