Is Twilio the only node that allows you to send WhatsApp messages?

I have seen that there are different nodes that allow the sending of messages (sms77 and MessageBird) but I only see that they are sms.
These sms are actually messages to whatsapp too?

No, if it does not specifically mention “WhatsApp” then an “SMS” is really just a regular “SMS”. I am currently sadly not aware of any other node than Twilio which allows sending WhatsApp messages.

Ok, thanks for your answer.

You are welcome!

MessageBird also seems to be supporting WhatsApp, so you can open a Feature Request to ask that support gets added in the future:

How can I open that Feature Request, it’s been a few months here and I haven’t used all the functions yet.

That is actually just a normal topic here int he forum. Instead of selecting the “Category” → “Questions” you select “Feature Requests” instead.

Oh thanks, I’m blind ahahah

You can also use this nice and free service to send WhatsApp messages


Thanks you, i will test with this API.