Is wait node didn't accepts dynamic value from item list?

hi @selva

What is the problem?

Just tested and the Wait node works fine with it.

Thanks for your response @barn4k. will explain my workflow here.

  1. This the array of json that is present in the item list node.
    “expiry_date”: “2023-10-02”,
    “wait_time”: “3”,
    “coupon_id”: “101”
    “expiry_date”: “2023-10-03”,
    “wait_time”: “9”,
    “coupon_id”: “103”

  2. Based on the key value pair that we got from the item list node, we are trying to run the wait node. Wait node is

  3. Using the above method, it runs based on the first array of value for each item. The value of the second array of items is not considered. Is there any way to run the wait node by having different Wait Amount for each item from the list?

I think it won’t work that way. Generally, if the node has more than one item, then it will be executed for every item it has, and only then the workflow proceed to the next node (for the given output the wait time would be 3+9 minutes after which the workflow will proceed). So for your case, I suppose you need to use Split in batches node before the Wait node and set the batch size to 1.

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