[ISSUE] Again I canceled a webhook by mistake due to "Cancel" button in the same position as View

Hi, you may remember this thread coming from: [ISSUE] I cancelled a webhook by mistake because of the design

With the new executions panel, I thought this was fixed and wasn’t an issue anymore. Still, I accidentally canceled a webhook that started to run when I was about to “view” another completed workflow.

So I started to watch the behavior, and I noticed that the “View” button was on the left side, and the “Stop” button appeared on the right side. I have no idea why, but when a webhook starts, and it COMPLETES, but button View and Stop using the same space, so if I press View and at that moment another webhook init, I will stop it.

I have recorded this small 10-sec video where I’m showing you that not moving the mouse, I would cancel the webhook that starts a few seconds later if I pressed at that moment where I was about to View another one:

If you look at the next video, you will see the View button in the left position, but as soon webhook gets completed, the View button moves to the right at the same position where the Stop is placed:

I’m running the version 0.221.2

Hey @yukyo,

The new change isn’t released yet but it looks like we need to update our auto close as the feature request was closed and is not yet released.

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