Issue in variable selector in nodes from google sheets

Hi dear @jan
In my case:
I read a table from google sheet by “google sheets” node.
In the next node when I want to select some data by variable selector from loaded data, I just can see the first row of my table.
Why I cant see all loaded data in variable selector?
I say this tip that I see correct and complete data in json in google sheet node when I execute my workflow.

Ah yes, that is true. Currently it always just returns the first item.

You can add it as a feature request to get changed. I was aware of that but was never a big issue and so not a priority to improve. But if it is and enough people upvote it, either I or somebody else will look into it.

But it is so bad news.:cold_sweat::disappointed_relieved::cry::sob:
You right, It isn’t so important against your works that you need to improve this gloriance platform, but I think it is a bug that need more attention please.

Best regards