Issue With empty body in POST request using httpRequest

we are using previously httpRequest with empty body (is {}) in POST request. However seems that there was updates to prevent assignment of empty bodies to axiosRequest

This causes an issue for our call using an empty body in post and give us an error code of 415.
Is there a solution for this issue ?

Error: Opencell error response [415]: undefined
    at Object.opencellApi (c:\opencell\git\TMP\n8n\packages\nodes-base\nodes\Opencell\GenericFunctions.ts:66:10)
    at processTicksAndRejections (<node_internals>/internal/process/task_queues.js:95:5)
    at Object.getTitles (c:\opencell\git\TMP\n8n\packages\nodes-base\nodes\Opencell\Opencell.node.ts:338:20)
    at C:\opencell\git\TMP\n8n\packages\cli\src\ResponseHelper.ts:153:17 {stack: 'Error: Opencell error response [415]: undefin…n8n\packages\cli\src\ResponseHelper.ts:153:17', message: 'Opencell error response [415]: undefined'}

Information on your n8n setup

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I found a workaround by putting a limit attribute (pagination information) by default. But may be you still need to look at that issue.

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