Issue with Google Sheet node

I have a problem: when I use the “Google Sheet” module and enter a formula (which starts with “=”), close the module and save my workflow, the “=” sign disappears when I reopen the workflow and the module.
I have applied the “Let Google Sheet Format” cell format parameter, but it doesn’t work. I have to add the “=” at the beginning of the formula every time I reopen the module.
Can you please help me?

Before closing:

When I reopen:


Hi @julien1, I am sorry you are having trouble. Both n8n and Google Sheets use a leading = character to mark the following content as an expression/formula, leading to the problem you have seen.

In order to write something like =AX2/AM2 into a cell you could use an expression of {{ "=AX2/AM2" }} in n8n:

This format should survive saving and reloading.

Hi @MutedJam , it worked, thank youu!!

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