Issue with language specific characters

Hello :smile:
I’ve come across some issues with characters specific to, how to call it, let’s say “non-english” characters (polish in my case - like ą ę ł ó etc.).
Wherever there is one of these characters - {{ }} doesn’t accept it as js obiect (as far as I understand)
For instance, I’m trying here to use different routes in SWITCH node and compare airtable field record with string to valuate it. If I use this sentece in original version " DEAL Lekcja Próbna" - as fixed or expression - the system doesn’t recognize it at all.

But when I replace this problematic letter with it it’s representation “\xF3” - everything gets back to normal. Although it evaluates True only if the Operation is set o “Contains”. If “Equals” is chosen - it ends up in fall back.

2 questions then:

  1. Is there more slick way of doing this? This seems like silly workaround
  2. Any ideas how to make it evaluate correctly with “Equals” Operation? (“contains” might be a bit dangerous in some scenarios)

Running version [email protected] on

Thanks! :pray:

Hi @Kris_Szostak, I am so sorry for the trouble!

@artildo reported this over here, and the issue is currently waiting for a fix. I’ve linked your new thread to the bug as well, so you should get a notification once this has been resolved.

That said, while the syntax highlighting fails, the “equal” comparison itself is working for me:

Does one of your values by any chance include a whitespace character or something that would prevent it from recognizing both values as identical? If not, could you perhaps share an example workflow using which the failed comparison can be reproduced?

Thanks for the reply @MutedJam. You were right! There was an accidental whitespace character at the beginning of one of the values! I deleted it and it evaluated true this time.
I look forward to this bug fix :smile:

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Quick update: we very recently groomed a ticket to investigate a fix for this issue. Should be getting started soon. FYI this is to investigate the fix - if it’s moderate effort, we’ll do it at the same time as investigating. If it’s high effort, actual fix will need to be prioritized separately.

@Kris_Szostak can you post here some Polish characters that are uniquely Polish? Want to make sure we don’t miss them. Rozmawiam po polsku ale słabo :slight_smile:

Hi @maxT, thanks for the update :smile:
You can find all the polish special characters in first table of this page here
But there’s plenty of languages which have some special characters (german, french etc) and I guess they’d have similar issue.

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Thanks @Kris_Szostak ! And sorry for the redundant ask - I could have looked that up myself. Was out sick last week and wrote my reply in a haze :slight_smile:

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This should be fixed in 0.214.0.


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