Issue with Telegram webhook!

Hello! I try to make a simple Telegram bot (for example). I installed n8n from Docker Compose (withPostgres) and when I put a Telegram data (a token and other in Telegram trigger) to there. I got an error:

There was a problem running the workflow:
Telegram error response [400]: Bad Request: bad webhook: HTTPS url must be provided for webhook

Can anyone explain me what I had to do?

Welcome to the community @Disinterpreter!

That simply means that the provided webhook URL is not a HTTPS one and for that reason it does not get accepted by Telegram.

How you can repair it depends on how you run n8n. If you have n8n set up on a server you have to make sure that you have an SSL certificate and serve n8n via HTTPS. An example how to do that with Lets Encrypt can be found here:

If you run n8n locally for testing you have to make sure that you start it with the tunnel option:

Hope that helps!

Okay. I think I’m starting to understand it. Thanks.

Perfect, happy to hear. Have fun!

So. What if I have a certificate. I don’t want to use letsencrypt. Now I make a proxy in nginx from to and configure in .env DOMAIN and SUBDOMAIN. But my n8n answered me “Connection lost”
(I don’t use traefik)

Can I’ll get a solution with my cert and nginx?

If you do your own custom solution it will be more complicated and you have to play around a little bit. If you do a simple search for “nginx” here in the forum, you will find multiple discussions about it.

One that is interesting for your problem is this one: