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I’m generating a JSON to send to an api. When I do it get an error JSON parameter need to be valid JSON. But If I copy the results from my JSON into the JSON to send it works fine.

Using the built JSON doesn’t work, but if I copy and past the results of the built JSON it does? What am I missing?

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Hey @Philip_Wiggins,

Sadly the example workflow fails to run because there is data missing before the code node. It looks like the json parsing we do is failing which would suggest that maybe the JSON isn’t correct.

If you open the expression editor you can select the json in the bottom pane and check it using something like

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Sorry I thought the pinned data would move over with the example copy. I have used jsonlint and its a valid json.

Here is the output of code node testdata -

I did make an update to the workflow I put [] around $json.Records in the Generate Link I noticed on example I hadn’t put it back. But the output/results for the expression give me a valid JSON, but when the HTTP node runs it says its not valid

I had to use the below to get it to work, I did also have to remove the other expression as I don’t have the start node but give this a go.

{  "FileInfoRecords":{{ JSON.stringify($json.Records) }},
   "FileLinkRecord": {
    "litify_docs__Expiration_Date__c": "2023-12-31"
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That worked!


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