Issues(video categories & publishing time) in Youtube node

Hello, I’m here again with youtube node issue. The thing is that I want to upload video on youtube with shorts video category. But when I execute my workflow, it says that this category is not supported.
Also I can not set a scheduled publishing time because it always report me “invalid scheduled publishing time” when I execute the workflow.
Does anyone have solution or idea of the reasons of these issues.
Thank you.

Hi @Harena_RAMANANA, I don’t think YouTube shorts were a thing when the node was originally developed. You might want to check the available categories for your account using the “Video Category” resource/“Get Many” operation:

If you’d like to see support for “Shorts” in a future n8n version, you might want to open a feature request for this, allowing other users to vote on it and our product team to prioritize their work on it.

As for the problem with using the Publish At option, I was able to reproduce the problem and have added it to our engineering backlog for a closer look. Thanks so much for reporting this and sorry for the trouble!

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