Issues with Google Sheets credentials

I am currently in the process of moving my workflows from a windows laptop that I was using to learn n8n onto a vultr server. However, when I go to create credentials for Google sheets Oauth2 I get an error where signing in with Google on the credentials page gives me an error saying “No host in the redirect_uri”. Why did this work fine on the windows instance but not on the server? I am running n8n in docker on Ubuntu.

That seems a bit odd, normally I would say start with the redirect uri on the oauth app in Google to make sure it matches your new ip / hostname but I think that results in a different error could be worth checking though.

When it was running on windows was that in docker as well?

Hey @Colin_Cameron!

Is you n8n instance accessible over the internet? You may want to check that and make sure that the Firewall is not preventing this incoming request.

Hey @Colin_Cameron,

How is it going? Let us know if you still need help with this topic :slight_smile: