It is hoped that the Notion node can push the JavaScript raw package

The idea is:

When the current concept node creates a page, it can only create the block of the main text of the page through the preset Web UI. This is not conducive to batch creation of blocks in an automated process.
It would be even better if concept node allowed you to directly reference the JavaScript raw data from the concept block created upstream when creating the page.

My use case:

I’m creating a workflow to bulk import omnivore articles into notion. I converted the articles in omnivore to markdown in the preamble, and converted the markdown articles into notion block JavaScript raw data through the community node “n8n-nodes-notionmd”.
But the problem is that n8n’s built-in notion node cannot handle this raw data.
I know I could rewrite the notion API with HTTP Request Node to implement the next steps, but I thought it would be a better option if pushing raw data became a built-in feature of notion node.