Item List Split Out Items: Couldn't Find the Field Error

Hello! I have a very simple workflow with a Webhook and then the Item Lists node. I am posting the example JSON payload that is provided in the documentation but cannot split it because it says the field cannot be found.

CleanShot 2022-02-09 at 09.08.47@2x

The JSON data has 2 arrays in it, Name and Email, so I am targeting the Name array to split apart. This is the output from the Webhook node:

    "headers": {
      "host": "omit",
      "user-agent": "omit",
      "content-length": "316",
      "content-type": "application/json"
    "params": {},
    "query": {},
    "body": [
        "Name": [
          "Jay Gatsby",
          "Jose Arcadio",
          "Max Sendak",
          "Zaphod Beeblebrox",
          "Edmund Pevensie"
        "Email": [
          "[email protected].com",
          "[email protected]",
          "[email protected]",
          "[email protected]",
          "[email protected]"

Thank you.

Hi @replwithoutacause, it looks like the field Name sits under body (which is an array) in your case. So you’d first need to split out body before you can split out name. Here is an example workflow showing the approach (you can copy it straight into your n8n canvas):

Example Workflow

That was it indeed. Thank you!!

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