ITGlue Node

Hello, I would like to suggest ITGlue as a node for syncing a large number of data endpoints.

ITGlue is a very popular documentation tool for IT management shops. It acts for many as a central databases of organizations, customers, and tons of documentation surrounding computers, networks, passwords, and may other items.

I am happy to support a bounty on this

Hey @AddoSolutions! Welcome to the forum. It’s great to see you here :wave:

Thanks for opening the feature request and also offering a bounty on top of it! Would you like to add a few more details around the resources and operations that would be helpful for you in an ITGlue node :slight_smile:

Additionally, you might want to share more details about the bounty so that it could be helpful for the community members considering taking up your offer :slight_smile:

Hey @tanay! I just saw your reply, not sure why I didn’t get a notification there.

In any event, regarding the bounty, I am open to suggestions and offers - we may be able to even take that request back to ITGlue and see if they can throw some dollars into the pot!

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