I've lost a workflow

I have a self-hosted n8n environment that had a workflow setup. I’ve just gone to edit the workflow, and it’s empty.

When I click the “Executions” tab, I can see the last execution and the layout of the workflow.

I’m positive I didn’t delete the contents of the workflow.

Is there anything I can do to recover the workflow or do I have to recreate?

As you can imagine I’m a little concerned about recreating it if it’s going to disappear again.

I can’t see any log that might show how/why it was deleted.

Any ideas?

I found this thread…

I think my problem is similar.

I’ll just recreate the workflow for now.

Hi @jameswright, I am sorry you’re having trouble. This sounds unexpected, and it’d be great if you could describe the exact steps required to reproduce how your workflow disappeared so we can take a closer look.

That said, if you still have the last execution you can select your nodes on the canvas, then copy them using Ctrl+C and finally paste them into a new workflow using Ctrl+V.

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