I've waited more than a week but I've not received any notification or badge

How can I access to the bagge? I’ve waited more than a week but I’ve not received any notification.

If I use your url for the badge verification with my id( n8n Course Certificate Verification ) and I can see my puntuation but says “Unverified”

Thanks very much and congratulations for these courses, they’re great.

Hey @salva-dev, I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Perhaps @lorena can take a closer look into this for you?

Hi @salva-dev, first of all congrats on completing the course!

Regarding the badge: from what I know the badges are added every Thursday (@Emma-Jade ?)
Regarding the verification, the “Unverified” status is because we no longer issue certificates that need verification. We’ll remove that section to avoid the confusion.

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First, thank you for the answer and for the courses, I’ve enjoyed a lot!!

Well, today I can see the badge for Course Level 2 ( Completed n8n Course Level 2 badge on n8n ) …
…but nothing appears for the Course Level 1. :cry: