Javascript API - Vimeo/Youtube GIF creator

Hey team

Trying to understand how you run a JS API within n8n

Wanting to setup a process to create GIFs from our Vimeo account programmatically.

Strategy will be to do video prospecting

  • record a screen sharing video via vimeo
  • upload vimeo url into Salesforce
  • n8n generates a gif of the video
  • embed gif into prospecting email and drip campaign
  • send email to our landing page with the vimeo id as a param (allowing us to pixel track them for retargetting)

Hey @Dwayne_Taylor, this is a bit tricky as such libraries would need to be added to n8n’s code base. In most cases you’d need to build your custom version of n8n including this particular library.

You could try to run the JS code provided through a Function node, but all or some of it might rely on features not available in Node.js (and requiring the code to be executed in a real browser instead).

So you might want to check if a REST API is available doing what you have in mind.