Jira Connector: Kaskading Fields

Jira v8.x
n8n 0.8.x

knote “Ausfuehrung”

I want to put data into kaskading fields in a jira ticket. The values are selectable by hand. My assumption was to get access via a json, but it does not work.

Does anyone have a hint for me?

Hey @Laif, I am not familiar with the concept of cascading fields (I haven’t used Jira for ages and still need to figure out to set up a test environment for the last issue you have reported). It might be worth checking which format JIRA’s API expects and then try to build the required format in n8n.

For example, are you simply trying to send nested JSON to JIRA? If so, you could try doing so through an expression like so:

Keep in mind that valid expression would need to be wrapped between {{ and }}. So to send a JSON object like this:

    "foo": {
        "bar": "baz"

Your expression would need to look like {{{"foo": {"bar": "baz"}}}}. The node details view should then indicate you’re working with an object:


But again, I’ll still need to set up Jira first before being able to test this first hand. Maybe someone with more experience here can help out in the meantime :crossed_fingers: