Jira Node bug

I’m trying to get the Changelog on an issue. The node return 7 items, but there’s no actual data. Am I overlooking something, or is this a bug?

n8n version 0.210.1 self hosted

Hi @dickhoning,

Not seen an issue like that for a while, It looks like it could be a bug. I am just in the process of signing up for a test jira account to take a look.

@Jon thanks in advance. I had a similar problem with S3 Bucket Get Many

Hey @dickhoning,

Gave it a quick test after making an issue and for me I am seeing the correct output.

I did notice my version is on 0.210.0 so I am just updating to see if something recently broke. Out of interest if you close the node and open it again does it then show the output?

quick edit: tested on 0.210.2 as well and I am unable to reproduce, Originally I thought thought this was going to be related to an old issue we had with some nodes when we started working on paired item support but that doesn’t appear to the case for this one.

I closed my web browser (Safari on macOS), went back to the workflow, executed the node, and now it works. Is this a refresh problem?

Hey @dickhoning,

It could be, Did you have n8n open when you did the update? I have seen odd things if I have it open then upgrade it and don’t do a full page refresh.

@Jon no update …

Well that is most unusual, Is it all working now?

@Jon yes, it is :slight_smile:

I have nothing

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