Jira on-premise support?

Hi folks,

I’ve seen that Jira Cloud is supported (Jira Integration [GOT CREATED]) but what about an on-premise installation?
How can I use the node sending data to our company hosted Jira?

Greets from Austria,

@mvhirsch Sadly the current integration just works with Jira Cloud. However the only difference, as far as I know, is the authentication mechanics. Jira Cloud uses a Token-based authentication and Jira Server uses basic authentication. So this should be easy to add.

By any chance do you have a test user that I can use to create the integration for you? so that I do not have to deploy the Jira Server myself. If so you can share it with me via a private message and after the integration is done you can delete it.

Of course you can use the HTTP request node to consume the Jira Server API but it’s more tedious than using a dedicated node for that.

Sadly, I can’t share any credentials (this would violate my NDA). Anyway, maybe you @RicardoE105 can help me, by pointing which files I need to edit? I would be glad to add such feature to n8n, too!

Ok let’s do this. I’m gonna create the integration and will let you know so that you can clone my repository and test it. If it works fine then we can merge to the master branch and can be released for all the public.


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@mvhirsch Clone that branch and run it locally. Test it and let me know.

I’ll try and let you know :+1:

Awesome @RicardoE105 it simply works. Just needed to adjust how to look up projects.
I successfully tested the creation of a jira issue.

Take a look at the updates I’ve made: https://github.com/RicardoE105/n8n/pull/1/files

@mvhirsch perfect. Will merge those changes.

Really cool! But we should look that we do not have two nodes which are totally identical except for the authentication. It would be better to extend the existing node instead and make it work with both. So that people can select how they want to authenticate similar to how the HTTP Request-Node works. The default should be how it currently works, that it does not break it for existing users.

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@jan Yeah agree. But some endpoints are a bit different as well.

That should be fine. It should be possible to choose the behavior depending on the selected authentication method (or maybe even better cloud/on-premise).

Should we rename it then to just Jira software? Since it would work for Jira software cloud and Jira server software

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The displayed name yes but it’s actual name we can not change as it would break it for everybody that is already using it.