Jira Trigger Error: Jira error response [403]

Hi All,

When I set active a workflow that including jira trigger I got error:

There was a problem and the workflow could not be activated:
Jira error response [403]: 403 - {“messages”:[{“key”:“You do not have permission to create WebHook ‘n8n-webhook:https://dqmhbdwxn93erkb97qd0nm06.hooks.n8n.cloud/webhook/a3ddaf66-7f75-4494-b435-ef88ef1f1917/webhook’.”}]}

The workflow:

      "nodes": [
          "name": "Jira Trigger",
          "type": "n8n-nodes-base.jiraTrigger",
          "position": [
          "webhookId": "a3ddaf66-7f75-4494-b435-ef88ef1f1917",
          "parameters": {
            "events": [
            "additionalFields": {}
          "credentials": {
            "jiraSoftwareCloudApi": "n8n"
          "typeVersion": 1
      "connections": {}

Just to understand you correctly you are saying the displayed error can not be correct? Because if you see that error, then it is what the Jira API returned to n8n and should then normally the exact reason

Thank you @jan for the quick reply.

If I not mistaken, then my jira credential not allow me to create webhook, right?

Yes, exactly. That is what the Webhook-Node does when a workflow gets activated. To be exact it does actually do two things:

  1. It checks if a webhook already exists
  2. If it does not exist yet it will create one

So theoretically each could cause this problem.

But to be honest, I have not much knowledge about how API credentials work at Jira and how fine-grained they are. It is not uncommon that APIs send very strange responses that say X but actually Y is the problem. That is why I was asking if you are sure that the reported error can not be true.

I will check with my jira admin about this problem first.

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Already check with my jira admin. Confirm that I don’t have access to create webhook in jira.
After I change my credential to jira credential that has access to create webhook, Jira Trigger works perfectly.

@jan maybe the documentation about Jira Trigger credential need to add this information