JSON data coming in one single item

Hey guys, I’m completely stuck and it looks like to be an easy solve, but my knowledge in javascript is close to zero.

I’m trying to use Set node to map answers that I’m receiving from a webhook from Ounbounce Lead Gen page.

The problem is that I’ve never faced a Json that sends all data in one item (I’m not sure of the terminoly), all the data is being sent to the webhook, but it seems to come as one “answer” and I just can’t get seem to solve it anyhow. I’m stuck on this for the past 2 days straight, looked over the internet and here for a solution, but some are just a bit complex to me which I can’t go further.

This is how the data is being sent, in one item “data.json”, so I can’t map the fields in a Set node.

I even bought and started an Udemy cource on Javascript as this is a necessary step to be comfortable with n8n.

Thank you guys for the amazing support, I always come to the foruns for help.

I haven’t figured out the smartest solution, but adding a .split(‘,’) after the string made an Array, now I’ll manipulate the values to get it sent to Google Sheets.

This is definetely the best solution, but to count leads and send info into Sheets will work.

I’d love to know the best answer for this though.

Thank you guys!

Hi @lucaslopes1 ,
Not an expert also, JS is my krypto, but I had a similar issue once, and I used this:
customFields you need to replace with “data.json”. Shot in the dark, but who knows :smiley:
Not sure if you also need to add “body” before, but maybe an expert here can help you more.

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HI @lucaslopes1

If you can share some mock data in this exact structure we can take a look for you.
Using split is a nice option, but there should be an easier one.

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