Json Not writing full record counts to FTP

When I added the split out to remove the output key, the data does not pass all records into the FTP Site. If I remove the output item list it works, but the output key I want to remove is still there. How do I remedy this?

Not receiving any errors, just not all my records…

As you can see it is only giving me 1 record result. should be a full 216 record count.

Information on your n8n setup

  • **n8n version: 0.221.0
  • **Database: (default: SQLite)
  • **Running n8n via []Docker:

Hi @arronrobles, I am not sure I can follow here. Looking at your screenshot, it seems that the problem is not with the FTP node, but with the “Move Binary Data” node. Perhaps you can share the JSON data you’re passing to the node and the result you’re expecting?

In general, the node you have shared would produce binary items, rather than JSON items. So you’d need to switch to the “Binary” view of the output. A possible reason for seeing only a single file would be that you’re using a static file name for every single one of your items files. So you probably want to set a unique file name for each item and then use this filename in your FTP node, for example like so:

Example workflow:

This would produce one file per record like so:


If you’d rather have a single file with all the records you could do something like this instead:

This will write a single array in your file, with all the individual items:

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@MutedJam Thank you for your thorough analysis. This was the case. I was just getting a single value and not a full extract of all records to the JSON file. I was able to remove the split-out list item and use the file name to move it through the workflow. This was a success. I will include my result set next time my apologies.

Final Workflow below:

Cheers mate!

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Amazing, glad to hear that was it! Thank you so much for confirming and for sharing your own flow :slight_smile:

One approach you can try is to modify your code to remove the output key after the data has been processed and sent to the FTP site. This way, you can ensure that all records are passed to the FTP site and the output key is removed afterwards.

Another approach is to modify your code to handle the data differently without removing the output key. You can consider using a different approach to process the data that doesn’t require removing the output key.

It may also be helpful to debug your code and check for any errors or issues that may be causing the data not to pass through to the FTP site. You can try printing out relevant information at different stages of your code to help identify any problems.

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