JSON results from HTTP request in email body

I’m working on a workflow that gets PageSpeed data through HTTP request, I would like to show some of the results in the body of an email. I have tried putting the parameter paths in the HTML message of the mail in various ways, but without success. I’ve posted an example workflow as the email in my own workflow is 800 lines long. Would really appreciate if someone could help me understand how to display results.

This is what it shows when I open the mail.

Hi @B024, welcome to the community :tada:

Looks like you are using plain text rather than an expression in your Gmail node, meaning the {{ $node["HTTP Request"].json["lighthouseResult"]["audits"]["first-contentful-paint"]["score"] }} part would not be evaluated.

Could you try converting this into an expression like so?

Let us know if you’re still having trouble afterwards!

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@MutedJam Totally missed that, thanks for your help! It works perfect now.

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Glad to hear, many thanks for confirming :slight_smile: