Сохранение в json каждого шага в цикле SplitInBatches

i have 2 questions

  1. I couldn’t figure out how to add workflows here? I am getting this as json
  2. Is there a node such that one can store the image IDs in json or in an array from the Google Drive node so that each step in the SplitInBatches loop is written to json or to an array?

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Hi @Farid_Farkhadov, to share a JSON payload on the forum you want to use this button on an empty line:

This will add a snippet consisting of three backtickts wrapped around type or paste code here:


Simply replace type or paste code here with your actual JSON code and the forum will render your workflow.

As for getting all values in a single list after a loop you might want to check out this example workflow:

This will leave you with one list consisting of multiple items. If you want a single item with an array you can add an Item Lists node at the end like so:

Full workflow:

Hope this helps!

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