July community meetup πŸ––

Hey folks :wave:,

We are back with our community meetup on July 16 at 1700 CEST. Here’s the agenda for the meetup:

17:00: Welcome!
17:04: Product updates by @maxT
17:10: Understanding data structure in n8n by @ivov
17:30: Q&A
17:45: Lightning talk by @janbaykara
17:50: Lightning talk by @Tephlon
17:55: Lightning talk by Vihar Kurama
18:00: Office Hours

Register :point_right: n8n Community Meetup πŸ–– - Zoom

Let me know if you have any questions, suggestions or if you’d like to share your story in the next meetup :slight_smile:


Excited for this! :smiley: